A Sense of Place

The Spotlight Gallery, High Street, Hoddesdon, Hertfordshire, EN11 8BE

10th August – 18th September 2020

Initial information for exhibiting members from Sue Dunkerley

This will be a non-selected exhibition. The Gallery takes a 10% commission.


This gallery is part of The Spotlight Theatre complex in Hoddesdon in the Borough of Broxbourne, Herts. It is a well-frequented space throughout the day with a good footfall. There is plenty of parking at the gallery. When Carole and I visited, several pieces of the current exhibition had been sold which apparently is usually the case.


The title does not refer to solely to a landscape or seascape. This is a broad-brush title. It can, among other things, refer to somewhere/something of importance to you, be about memories or belonging, a moment in time, it can be a building or object and could be completely imaginary.  As long as you can connect your piece to the title in your artist’s statement, it will be fine.

Size and weight of 2D submissions

The maximum size is 70cm x 70cm but the piece can be any size smaller within these boundaries. Unfortunately, there is no provision for 3D pieces and the maximum weight should be no more than 2 to 3 kgs.

Please bear in mind that pieces have to be transported and carried by committee members.


If you have any queries please email Carole or me. We hope you enjoy preparing and working on your pieces.

Sue Dunkerley

August 2019