ERTF members’ exhibition – 29th September – 24th October 2020

A Sense of Place

Information for exhibiting members from Sue Dunkerley

This will be a non-selected exhibition. 

Location (please click on the location name below to visit the Theatre Gallery website)

Hertford Theatre Gallery (Courtyard Arts), The Wash, Hertford, SG14 1PS

Sale of work

A 30% commission applies to any sold work.

Interpretation of the Theme

The title does not refer to solely to a landscape or seascape. This is a broad-brush title. It can, among other things, refer to somewhere/something of importance to you, be about memories or belonging, a moment in time, it can be a building or object and could be completely imaginary.  

As long as you can connect your piece to the title in your artist’s statement, it will be fine.

Size and weight of submissions

Members may submit up to TWO pieces with a maximum size limit for each piece of 100cm x 100cm (i.e. 1 metre square).  

Pieces may be any size within these limits provided each does not exceed the maximum size.

The exhibition will be 2D work only as the gallery cannot exhibit 3D work.  

Framed work must be fitted with mirror plates for wall-mounting.

The maximum weight for each piece should be no more than 2 to 3 kgs. Please bear in mind that pieces have to be transported and carried by committee members.


If you have any queries please email Carole or me. 

Submission forms and other accompanying paperwork will follow early in 2020.

We hope you enjoy preparing and working on your pieces.

Sue Dunkerley

October 2019