Creative research

Researching for ERTF exhibitions There is no right and no wrong way to research your designs and interpret exhibition themes. Your pieces must be genuine and original, they must come from within and, while you might be influenced by other artists, the nature of art is that it should give individual voice to its creator. … Read more

Presenting your artwork

Presentation of your artwork Ideally the presentation of work should be considered at the design stage.  We often don’t think enough about the presentation of our work. We are so pleased to have it finished that we don’t leave sufficient time for this very important part – the presentation. Try to allow at least a … Read more

Packaging work for exhibitions

Packaging your work for ERTF exhibitions Each submitted exhibition entry must be placed in a separate fabric bag with handles and large enough to hold the piece and any accompanying packaging (but please keep latter to an absolute minimum and avoid if possible).  Each bag must be securely labelled with your name, title and photo of your work firmly … Read more

Pricing your artwork

Pricing work is often awkward!  Here are some tips:   1.    Do research on comparable artwork. Visit exhibitions to see how other textile artists price their work in general for similar disciplines, locations, sizes of galleries, clientele, etc Use ERTF conferences to network and ask others how they go about pricing their work for sale 2.    Creating … Read more

Conference organisation

Guidance on organising an ERTF conference can be downloaded HERE. Email Frances Green if you can’t access the document

Workshop with Tansy Hargan 14th October 2023

Box Moor Trust, London Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 2RE A wonderful conference day was had by all with speaker Tansy Hargan at Box Moor Trust, Hemel Hempstead on 14th October 2023. Tansy gave an interesting talk outlining her knowledge and early professional work. She is a multidisciplinary artist on architecture and landscape. She explores urban and rural places in her sketchbook making brisk marks and colour blocks simply to record experiences. Her creative textiles are deconstructed old garments and tailor’s waste. … Read more

Organising an exhibition

ERTF exhibitions are normally organised by one or members of the committee.  However many members organise their own exhibitions or are on organising committees for other groups. The attached checklist may be of wider use! It can be downloaded HERE more Please email Frances Green if you are unable to downloaded the file.

Members’ Day

Saturday 18 March 2023, 10am-4pm, St Mary’s Church Hall, Hemel Hempstead