Catherina Petit-Van Hoey

About Catherina

Catherina is a Dutch textile and mixed media artist, who has recently moved, temporarily, to Valencia in Spain.

Her home is however based in Hertfordshire, where she has lived for the last 19 years and where she has been actively engaged in various art groups, regularly exhibiting her work and occasionally giving talks and workshops.

Mental Health, the power of meditation and the therapeutic effects of practising creative arts are of great importance to her.

Catherina’s outlook on life is quite philosophical, which is often expressed in her work through the use of symbolic ideas and imagery, supported with text.

She likes to work in a wide variety of fibre art techniques, preferring to employ methods which best suit a particular concept or idea she wants to bring across. Although she recognises the value of specialisation, she prefers to always keep her “options open”.


ERTF exhibition “The Making of a Market Town” at St Albans Museum & Gallery from 7/9/2019 – 3/11/2019

Tracing Oranges, Markets and White Elephants (a mini installation)

Individual Titles:

  • The White Elephant (Orange)
  • The Elephant in the Room (Orange)
  • Truck Spillage
  • Split Halves – Remain/Leave

For the ERTF exhibition “Collections Re-Crafted” at Saffron Walden Museum in 2018/2019 the artist created:

From Sticks and Stones to Amulets

Considering the rhyme, ‘Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never harm me’, the artist – who is concerned with good mental health in people – has created these amulets or talismans to inspire a sense of confidence, comfort and self-reliance in themselves.

From Sticks and Stones to Amulets

From Sticks and Stones to Amulets - LGBT affirmation stick

From Sticks and Stones to Amulets - Change affirmation stone

Created for the exhibition “Order and Chaos” in 2016 at the Thorleybourne Gallery at Bishop’s Storford Museum and Rhodes Art complex:

Portraits of the Mind (Quadriptych)

The mind, not to be confused with the brain, is dualistic in nature and could be portrayed in many different states of ‘order and chaos’.Prolonged identification with the extremes of these states is the cause for ill mental health. Meditation can teach us that we are not our mind, just the observer.  The art is to go beyond it.




























































































ERTF exhibition Kaleidoscope at Michael House in Cambridge in 2018: 








Spectrum of Creation



Creation is a Kaleidoscope of infinite reflections and fractions of light and sound, colour and shape – patterns within patterns, creating the illusion that this is all there is.

But who is looking at the Scope?