ERTF AGM, Conference & Workshop: 29th April 2023

Guest Speaker - Nikki Parmenter
Location: Box Moor Trust, London Road, Hemel Hempstead, HP1 2RE

Talk and workshop by Nikki Parmenter 29th April 2023  at Box Moor Trust Hemel Hempstead

Nikki was a very lively and inspiring  speaker sharing her enthusiasm for large scale  brightly coloured creative textile art.

She uses free machine embroidery on unconventional materials, some of them recycled  such as bubble wrap, clear plastic, foam and insulation materials. Nikki  finds her inspirations through an eclectic mix of interests, some examples of which are : the threat of climate change on the barrier reef,  a 12th century Persian poem , the 1917 poem ’Wild swans at Coole’ by WB Yeats and Buddhist  Mandalas. Her work is created in very bold colours , shapes and patterns often painted in thinned down acrylic paint before stitching.ShNikki’s art work  has been widely exhibited, including some created for specific locations. A large 3D work exhibited at Gawthorpe Hall in Lancashire was inspired by a  tulip motif on a vase from Hall’s collection  linked to the 17th century  Dutch ‘tulipmania’.

Nikki illustrated her talk with beautiful images on the large screen, answered many  questions and shared lots of examples of the techniques and materials she uses: clear PVC, iridescent cellophane and photocopies on acetate .

The Hunderwasser lollipop workshop afterwards was our chance to use our creative skills to make our own smaller-size work of art.   Nikki had  lots of  examples, ideas and materials for us and circulated around the room with boundless energy and enthusiasm to assist anyone needing input. 

The tea, coffee and cake and  lovely bright venue at The Box Moor trust added to the enjoyment of the day.

Kirsten Yeates