ERTF Conference 16th October 2021

Workshop Title: Marking Time

Workshop leader: Richard McVetis

We are delighted to welcome Richard McVetis as workshop leader for this conference which will be held at Anstey Village Hall, Anstey, Buntingford SG9 0BY.

Richard is an artist based in London. He is a graduate of Royal College of art and was a finalist in the 2018 Loewe Craft Prize. He uses a range of media, including drawing, installation, and textiles, to explore our perception of space and time.

Richard has a great website and issues regular updates and newsletters.  To see his work and receive news, visit his website by clicking on his name above.   Richard has been interviewed many times in the press; one interesting recent interview can be found here.  A summary of his ERTF talk is below

Further details including booking form will be provided nearer the time.

Members and non-members welcome

Any queries, please contact Carole Nicholls.

Richard McVetis’ talk to ERTF

Richard’s talk will explore how the expressive properties of stitch and process can reveal a world seen from within, from a scale that can tell us much more about ourselves, and about relationships and trajectories in time and space. 

This seemingly humble, inconsequential repetitive action of stitching is often overlooked and dismissed as part of the mundane. Connotations of the domestic reduce these actions to the field of the home and of the amateur. Richard says that, for him, however, it restores a sense of order. It informs a more profound comprehension and connection to the world: ‘There is intimacy in this labour-intensive way of making; the ritual and repetition create an in-depth focus and an internal space-time specific to the artist.’