ERTF Members’ Challenges 2020

There are TWO members’ challenges to encourage everyone to keep stitching during the present circumstances and we hope everyone who can will take part:

Challenge OneHelp create our ERTF Banner 

We need a banner to promote ERTF at exhibitions and events – help us complete it by stitching one (or two) of the remaining letters by 13th November 2020. The approach is one which we hope will create a visually-coherent result while also showcasing the variety and quality of members’ work.

Kits are available for letter-production.  Each kit will include:

  • full guidance
  • a piece of background cloth
  • a template
  • a skein of stranded cotton, and
  • a colour sample card

ERTF members are invited to stitch one or more letters.  There are 25 letters to be made to display the words ‘Eastern Region Textile Forum‘. Your letter must be outlined in the colour thread provided and the background to each letter left blank.  Your letter shape (i.e. inside the outline of your letter) is then to be filled with your design using the style and technique of your choice. 

If you would like to stitch a letter please request one from Sue (see below or recent email for her postal details).

Please contact Sue Dunkerley to request your kit which she will then send to you. 

Happy stitching!

Challenge Two – Create a small lockdown piece for our Sense of Place exhibition

We are also doing another squares project for A Sense of Place – lockdown images.  Just choose an image or images which captures your time in lockdown! 

Pieces must measure  20 x 20 cm turned in to measure 15x15cm

This time if possible please turn your piece(s) around a piece of card and back with another piece of thin card or something stiff. 

All pieces will be mounted as one image on the larger wall at the venue.

Please send them directly to Carole Nicholls by the end of July 2020. 

Many Thanks – Happy Sewing! 

Carole (Secretary ERTF) 

Any queries, please contact Carole Nicholls.