ERTF Members’ exhibition: 29 June – 6 August 2023 – Parndon Mill

This will be an exhibition on the theme of ‘Flower Power‘ – a celebration of an iconic decade with plenty of scope to get the creative juices flowing. For an idea-boosting quick-start, have a look at this 1960’s summary

The exhibition will be held at Parndon Mill, Harlow, Essex

Further details about preparing and submitting will be provided in due course. However, in order that members can start working on pieces, general guidelines are as follows:    

 * Work can be 2D or 3D;

*  members may submit ONE piece each as space is limited;

 * 2D work must be a maximum size of 50cm x 50cm;

* 3D work must be of the above size equivalent unless it is of a large size suitable for display outside during opening hours (and brought inside again when the gallery is closed).

In the meantime, why not visit the recent Andy Warhol exhibition see link here for some 60’s inspiration