ERTF Members’ exhibition: 2024, St Albans Museum & Gallery

Passion, Determination, Vision

After our very successful 2019 Market Town exhibition, ERTF is delighted to be returning to St Albans Museum and Gallery for its 2024 exhibition. Exhibition dates to be confirmed

This time we shall be highlighting and celebrating local movers and shakers – people who have made really positive differences to the life of St Albans and the surrounding eastern region, and left the world a better place through their contributions. This will not be a portrait exhibition in any conventional sense; it will instead be an exploration of diverse personalities, times, places and lasting impacts as seen through the creative eye.Our exhibition will be selected to ensure pieces meet the brief agreed with the Museum, and are of high quality in terms of execution and presentation. All works must fit the definition of textile art set out on the home page of this website and may be either 2D or 3D. There will be a 3KG weight limit per piece.

It is anticipated that the Museum curators will host an early exhibitors’ event, outlining relevant records and acquisitions and answering questions to support members’ research. More information will be available in due course. In the meantime, have a look at this Museum page for early inspiration.  All exhibition pieces must be accompanied by artists’ written statements describing their inspiration, research and techniques, and these will be displayed alongside their work.

There will be an opportunity to provide some exhibition-related merchandise for the Museum shop. In addition we will be inviting members to run Museum-based workshops and taster sessions during the period of the exhibition.


Key dates:

Details to follow


Please keep an eye on this web page which will be updated as further information becomes available.

Any queries to Carole Nicholls.