ERTF members’ exhibition: 6th – 19th May 2022

Changing Earth - A Collaborative Exhibition with RHS Hyde Hall, Essex

6th - 19th May 2022

We are delighted to be working with the  Royal Horticultural Society’s Hyde Hall Gardens for our 2022 members’ exhibition.  A link to the Hyde Hall website can be found here.  

The title of the exhibition is Changing Earth.  This theme is a collaboration between ERTF and RHS Hyde Hall inspired by the research, findings and recommendations contained in the RHS report ‘Gardening in a Changing Climate’.  This RHS report,  together with audio clips on the topic, are therefore essential preparation for the exhibition and interpretation of the collaborative theme.  They can be found here.  

To provide further ideas for your interpretations of this theme, here are some further resources:

  1. The subject matter of this collaborative exhibition is very wide-ranging. For any members who might find a few prompts helpful, the ERTF committee has prepared a mind-map capturing a selection of ideas to get the creative juices flowing. The mind-map can be found HERE.
  2. A campaign has also recently been launched by the RHS to recruit a ‘gardening army’ to fight the climate crisis. You may find further inspiration by clicking on the link HERE.

This will be a substantial show in Hyde Hall’s large exhibition space at a time of year when the gardens are well-visited.  There will be space for both 2D and 3D work. There will also be a large space for sales of smaller items (which must also relate to the joint theme of the exhibition). Commission on sales will be 20% plus VAT.

The hanging system for 2D work is free-hanging wired with hooks and D-rings.

Exhibition preparation

To help members prepare, an introductory video (see below) sets the scene.   PLEASE NOTE THAT THE VIDEO REFERS TO THE ORIGINAL EXHIBITION DATES IN JUNE 2022: THE REVISED DATES IN MAY 2022 ARE ABOVE

An informal ERTF visit to Hyde Hall took place on 11th October 2021 when two of our members (Margaret Talbot and Jenny Leslie) were part of an EAST textile exhibition at the venue.

Hyde Hall Gardens are currently open and members are encouraged to arrange their own visits .

Committee members are all happy to help with ideas and aspects such as presentation, so do not hesitate to contact any of them.

Please note the following:

a) Hyde Hall will be asking for one advance image at the start of January 2022 to load onto their website. Participating members will be contacted to submit one early image (a high quality jpeg in landscape format) of their work in December 2021.  Final images for specific publicity will not be required until later, and by 14th March 2022 at the latest.

b) our exhibition will require three stewards per day. All exhibiting members are expected to participate in a rota. Details will be circulated in December 2021.

Key LATEST dates and forms for exhibitors

Friday 11 December 2021. Everyone intending to exhibit must have submitted their Intention to Submit form and paid their £5 by now.  Click HERE to download the form

Monday 14 March 2022. Latest date for ‘Labelling and Publicity’ form(s) to be submitted with images(s).  Click HERE to download the form

(Subsequent to this date, RHS Hyde Hall will review images to confirm acceptability for exhibition. Members will be informed asap if any work is queried at this stage.)

Friday 22nd April 2022. Final hanging fee of £10 due by this latest date

Monday 2 May 2022 latest date for exhibitors to deliver their work to a member of the committee.   This comprises exhibition items and sales table items. There is an ERTF AGM & conference on 23 April 2022:  this may provide a convenient opportunity for members to pass work to committee members. More details will be provided nearer the time.      

* Exhibition item(s) must be accompanied Agreement form.  To download this form click HERE  * Sales table items must be accompanied with a completed Sales Table item form.  To download the form click HERE.

Thursday 5 May 2022 Committee hanging day