ERTF members’ exhibition: 6th – 19th May 2022

Changing Earth - A Collaborative Exhibition with RHS Hyde Hall, Essex

6th - 19th May 2022

We are delighted to be working with the  Royal Horticultural Society’s Hyde Hall Gardens for our 2022 members’ exhibition.  A link to the Hyde Hall website can be found here.  PLEASE SCROLL DOWN FOR KEY DATES AND INFORMATION FOR EXHIBITING MEMBERS

The title of the exhibition is Changing Earth.  This theme is a collaboration between ERTF and RHS Hyde Hall inspired by the research, findings and recommendations contained in the RHS report ‘Gardening in a Changing Climate’.  This RHS report,  together with audio clips on the topic, are therefore essential preparation for the exhibition and interpretation of the collaborative theme.  They can be found here.  

Commission on sales payable to Hyde Hall will be 20% plus VAT.  Please factor this into your pricing.

The hanging system for 2D work is free-hanging wires with hooks and D-rings. There is a photo of the hanging system at the very bottom of this page (beneath the video). Please ensure D-rings are attached about a third of the way down (no lower) so pieces hang close to the boards, and wire strung between D-rings. Other unframed hanging pieces must be submitted with suitable fixings so they can be hung using the Hyde Hall system.

Exhibition preparation

Please note the following:

Our exhibition will require three stewards per day. All exhibiting members are expected to participate in a rota. Rota details have been circulated to all exhibiting members

Next key LATEST dates, forms and key information for exhibitors

Friday 22nd April 2022. Final hanging fee of £10 per exhibitor due by this latest date. Please pay by BACS to ERTF. 

Monday 2 May 2022 latest date for exhibitors to deliver their work to a member of the committee.   This comprises exhibition items and sales table items PLUS THE ACCOMPANYING AGREEMENT AND STOCK-LISTING FORM (see below). There is an ERTF AGM & conference on 23 April 2022:  this may provide a convenient opportunity for members to pass work to committee members:  details will be provided nearer the time.      

ALL item(s) (exhibition and sales table) MUST be accompanied by two completed Agreement and Stock-listing forms (fill in one and copy it. the copy must be given/emailed to Frances Green to compile the electronic catalogue no later than 2nd May).  

To download this form click HERE or email Frances Green.  To download a continuation sheet click HEREBoth forms will download automatically.  It is essential that these forms are completed correctly and that all exhibition and sales table items are labelled.  A worked example of how to fill in the form is given HERE 

Framed exhibition work must be fitted with D-rings for wall-mounting c. one third of the way down. Unframed work must also have suitable ring fixings for hanging . Please do NOT use mirror-plate fixings. 

Bagging work for submission

Each submitted exhibition piece must be placed in a fabric bag with handles and large enough to hold the piece and any accompanying packaging (but please keep latter to a minimum).  Each bag must be securely labelled with your name, title and photo of your work firmly attached to the outside of the bag. If you use additional wrapping this must also be labelled with your name.

Sales table items must relate to the Changing Earth theme of this collaborative exhibition with RHS. Items that do not relate to the theme cannot be included for sale.

If you are submitting sales table items (some of which may already be in presentation boxes), these must also be placed in one* separate fabric bag with handles (please do NOT use the bags holding your exhibition work to enable separate unpacking/storage).  It is not necessary to attach photographs of sales table items to this bag but you must instead attach securely a label with your name and a complete list of sales table items placed in the bag. As with exhibition pieces, any supplementary wrapping must be labelled with your name.

* If necessary, you may use more than one bag. 

Every single item (exhibition and sales table) must be labelled on the back of the item with its own unique stock code for sales processing.

Please contact Frances Green if you cannot download the forms for any reason

Thursday 5 May 2022 Committee hanging day, on