Frances Green

About Frances

Although I had a schooling in traditional drawing and painting, it was only much later that I discovered textiles as an art form.  Wow! The connection was immediate; I love the colour, the feel, the range, the texture, the flexibility and the capability one has as an artist to change and transform cloth and thread.

Over the years I have enjoyed learning and developing many textile art techniques including embroidery, machine-stitching, quilting, dyeing, printing, collaging, painting, felting, waxing, and combining textiles with other media. I am never going to be an artist who perfects and sticks by a single technique; instead I am a happy collector of many possibilities  – each waiting to be selected and harnessed in pursuit of a particular project.

I have an academic background in psychology and so the human face, and interactions of people with history, landscape and imagination is always an alluring theme.  I am an oral historian and enjoy talking to people about their lives and work; everyone has a unique story to tell. I also enjoy reading and writing poetry, am a keen allotment grower and enjoyer of the natural world.  All these interests offer fascinating subjects to portray.

I am a member of the Embroiderer’s Guild, the International Feltmaker’s Association and the Society for Embroidered Work. I have exhibited work with the Hertford Art Society, Courtyard Arts, the International Feltmakers’ Association, HVA Textile Group (various locations), Hertfordshire Archives and Local Studies (Threads of Time I and II projects), Eastern Region Textile Forum, Fiodra Gallery Barge and via the Society for Embroidered Work.

Frances Green, September 2020


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