Frances Green

About Frances

Frances makes people-focussed pieces using embroidery and mixed-media textile techniques. Her subjects vary depending on what catches her imagination and she often uses bags or purses in her work.


Although I had a schooling in traditional drawing and painting, it was only much later that I discovered textiles as an art form.  Wow! The connection was immediate; I love the colour, the feel, the range, the texture, the flexibility and the capability one has as an artist to change and transform cloth and thread.

Over the years I have enjoyed learning and developing many textile art techniques including embroidery, machine-stitching, quilting, dyeing, printing, collaging, painting, felting, waxing, and combining textiles with other media.  I am never going to be an artist who perfects, and sticks with, a single technique. Instead I am a happy collector of many possibilities, each waiting to be selected and harnessed in pursuit of a particular project. If pushed, however, I describe myself as an embroiderer. It’s how I work most often.

Somewhere along the way I discovered a fascination with purses. I have an academic background in psychology and am a sucker for crime novels.  The idea of imposing on myself a discipline relating to small compartments – miniature open and shut cases, a potential for mystery –  appeals. There are at least two sides to everything; insides don’t always correspond with outsides. It’s a bit mad, but it keeps me happy and occupied.

So that’s what I now do. I am an oral historian and enjoy talking to people about their lives and work. I also enjoy reading, writing poetry and singing, am a keen allotment grower and enjoyer of the natural world.  I take delight in life’s risible aspects. All these interests offer fascinating subjects to portray. It’s just that, wherever I can, I set myself the additional challenge of incorporating a purse or a frame or making items that hold and contain things: other items, ideas, inconsistencies, histories, etc.

I work too slowly and idiosyncratically to take on commissions – which is probably just as well; it seems to me that producing lots of art is not the way forward given current environmental priorities.  So I embroider simply for the delight in the materials and process and, where I can, I like to exhibit.  My pieces are generally available for sale.

October 2021


Mermaid's Purse

He who holds the purse strings holds the power

Humanwatch 2021

Deep Keepings

Scenes from the allotment no.1

Medieval Clocktower St Albans

Kingsbury Fish Ponds

Idle Women of the Wartime Waterways

Market Stall