Frances Green

About Frances

Although I studied art (drawing, oils and watercolour) and the history of art to A’level, my subsequent employment was in an entirely unrelated field; it is only very recently, and at last, that I have been able to enjoy working with thread and fabric full time returning with very great pleasure to the creation of art using textiles as my medium

My work typically combines canvas, linen/cotton fabrics and/or handmade felt, traditional and machine embroidery, stumpwork, printing, painting, miniature objects and the written word.  I am a member of the Embroiderer’s Guild, the International Feltmaker’s Association and the Society for Embroidered Work. 

My pieces are invariably inspired by accounts relating to connections between the natural world, place, history and folklore – I delight in a world seen from below, the tiny and transient, the easily-overlooked and appreciate the risible aspects of life.  Old books, archive collections and poetry provide a rich source of inspiration.  

I enjoy colour and playing with threads, lines and blocks of contrasting hues and shades to capture the emotion of a design. The resulting art works portray a thought, a mood, an event or a story; everything is essentially narrative

Frances Green, September 2019


Harvest Moon

Kamel the Camel

Sea Stacks

That's our Chris


Instruments of Darkness

Land Girls

Hornbeam Leaves, Autumn