Liz Holliday

About Liz

“Landscape on the soles of my feet: contours on the tips of my fingers”

I have a keen sense of place, which has been key to my studying natural sciences as well as to my development as an artist.  I have walked many miles at home and abroad, capturing on camera things I sense and see.  I process the resulting images using paper, fabric and stitch.

Much of my work focuses on a particular identity, an accurate depiction, from which I create more abstract images.  Recently, I have become more confident to flow with line and colour directly from my imagination.  The feel of fabric and the process of hand stitch I find addictively cathartic.   Particular place or species names can appear stitched into work that the viewer might see otherwise as simply abstract.


Saffron Walden Museum fabric 1

Nineteenth century museum hat

St Albans Market Square flowers

Saffron Walden Museum fabric 2

Twenty-first century museum hat

St Albans landscape story unfolded