Maggie Hands

About Maggie

I am a photographer and artist. My art work explores the world that I see, feel and experience. Colour, texture and pattern form an important component of my work, whether purely photographic or incorporating other media.
From an early age nature, texture, pattern and colour fascinated me and led me to start recording what I saw with my camera. I love the creativity of digital photography, and how it allows me to record something that catches my eye and manipulate it to express my vision. I was an early proponent of combining textile art with photography. Over the last 25 years I have developed as an artist, experimenting with  a variety of media alongside my photographic work. 
I frequently combine mediums, including a photographic image as a base for a work adding  paint, found objects, textiles and threads depending on what the work seeks to express, or I use an image to inspire me, doing sketches and then moving on to create a mixed media work which is usually abstract or semi abstract in nature. 
I came to art later in life, though I’ve been taking pictures since my late teens. 
I am predominantly self taught, but over the years have completed a number of courses in photography, textiles and art.


Ogival: This work was inspired by my interest in gothic architecture and its use of the pointed arch.  
In this piece I play with the ratios of the arch and how it can be used to create a pattern to produce an abstract work.
Media: handmade paper, acrylic paint and stitch.

From Above: I created this piece for an exhibition with Midlands Textile Forum, called 'Lie of the Land'. I was lucky enough to go on a hot air balloon flight and noticed how the field boundaries and trees created patterns.

Media: Fabric, print, beading and stitch.

The Cut: Created for a project on self harm.

Fabric, stitch and sculpting medium

Title: Pollen 
This work was for the ERTF 2022 exhibition 'Changing Earth' at RHS Hyde Hall. Pollen and pollinating insects play an essential part in the production of many foods we take for granted, like fruit. As pattern and shape are a constant inspiration I chose to use highly magnetised images of pollen in these pieces.

Media: fabric, print, stitch.