Marian Hall

About Marian

My interest
in art and textile art in particular, started in 2003 and it developed and grew
as I continued to work as a Project Manager. At the start of 2017 I moved into
my new home studio and two years later I hung up my project plans so that I
would have more time to create my art.

I love working in my studio and when I start a new series of work, I explore ideas in my sketch book. This is a really enjoyable process and I nearly always come up with more ideas than I can pursue. I remember very clearly the day I became aware of the potential in hand printed fabric and I
knew instantly that I wanted to take my work in this direction. Once my fabric is printed, I use stitch to add detail and texture.

As I really enjoy fabric printing, exploring more traditional printmaking techniques was a natural progression for me but it’s only more recently that I’ve been able to have regular access to a print press. I’m excited about the opportunities to continue developing my work on both fabric
and paper and perhaps exploring the possibilities of bringing them together.

I am also a print member at Digswell Arts.

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Xenotopia II
Inspired by the Atacama desert.

Desert Blue
Inspired by the Atacama Desert.

Lockdown II - Inspired by the 1st lockdown

Broken Snow
Inspired by tyre tracks in the snow

Cold Snap Surprise - Inspired by tyre tracks in the snow

Over the Horizon - Inspired by tyre tracks in the snow