About membership

ERTF is a volunteer-run organisation promoting contemporary textile art. This art form is often defined as using plant, animal or synthetic fibres to construct practical or decorative objects, and comprises our starting definition.  While their art works may incorporate other media, members are required to use textiles/fabrics and/or stitch as a significant element in work submitted for all ERTF events.

Membership is regarded as a reciprocal arrangement as set out below.

ERTF members benefit by having access to:

  • regular conferences
  • networking
  • opportunities for selling at some exhibitions
  • exhibiting opportunities
  • news roundup bulletins
  • activities that will assist members’ study and future learning
  • their own dedicated page on the ERTF website to showcase their work
  • membership of the ERTF Instagram group (@easternregiontextileforum) to promote their work

ERTF members’ conduct and contributions 

ERTF enjoys a wide membership and is committed to ensuring a positive and enjoyable experience for all. It is a condition of membership that everyone should show respect and understanding towards others. Members are encouraged to be open at all times and to share any concerns or complaints that they may have about any aspect of the forum with any ERTF officers. 

ERTF member conduct

As a member, you are expected to recognise the valuable contribution made by committee members, who are all volunteers giving their time and resources to provide a good experience for you and fellow members.

It is important that everyone works to:

  • encourage others to enjoy ERTF membership;
  • support the sharing and promotion of textile art;
  • share the understanding that people have different motivations for joining ERTF and the practise of their art.

Bullying and harassment of any sort will not be tolerated; members exhibiting unreasonable behaviour have their membership rescinded.

ERTF member contributions

Because ERTF is comprised of and run by volunteers, it is essential that all members contribute in whatever way and to whatever extent is possible. All members are asked, as a minimum, to support the group’s exhibitions and conferences and maintain their gallery page on the website.

There are additional ways in which valuable contributions may be made. These include: sharing local knowledge on venues for conferences and exhibitions; helping to suggest/source speakers for conferences, helping to collect, transport works for exhibitions, contributing to ERTF’s social media presence and shadowing/taking on committee* and other organising roles.

Please think about how you can make your contribution to our thriving and successful group and offer your services by speaking to a committee member.

( * Committee role descriptions are available to view here: Chair, Treasurer, Secretary, Website Co-ordinator, committee member )

How to join

Membership of ERTF is limited to 60 textile artists in order to manage administration and allow members reasonable access to conferences and opportunities to exhibit. Within that maximum membership, ERTF is open to anyone over the age of 18 from the defined region.

PLEASE NOTE: We are currently NOT admitting new members. Applications for membership during 2024/25 will be acknowledged and placed on file until a decision is made to reopen membership.

Membership currently costs £25 for 12 months from the 1st June each year (pro-rata for new joiners within a year).

To request membership or if you have any queries, please contact ERTF by completing the contact form below: