Packaging work for exhibitions

Packaging your work for ERTF exhibitions

Each submitted exhibition entry must be placed in a separate fabric bag with handles and large enough to hold the piece and any accompanying packaging (but please keep latter to an absolute minimum and avoid if possible).  Each bag must be securely labelled with your name, title and photo of your work firmly attached to the outside of the bag. If you absolutely have to use additional wrapping this must also be labelled with your name.

The reasoning for these requirements is that fabric bags, especially if padded, provide good and adequate protection for art work. They enable accompanying wrapping to be kept to a minimum and, preferably, avoided altogether. This is not only better environmentally but also greatly helps those hanging ERTF exhibitions. It saves time and effort if pieces don’t have to be extricated from layers of wrapping. Additionally, fabric bags can, once emptied, be folded or rolled up. If we are storing wrapping at an exhibition location, this is a great bonus.

The reasons for your name and photo/title of work being on the outside are so that the hangers of an exhibition can first place bags in an exhibition hall at the place where a work is to be hung. If changes to a hanging layout is made on the day, it is easier and more protective of the work to pick up the bag and move it to the new hanging location.

 With your name and a photo on the outside, bags can be placed by the relevant art work for takedown at the end of an exhibition.  It makes life MUCH easier for those putting up and taking down our exhibitions.

 Padded fabric bags for 2D work are easy to make

1.     Sandwich wadding between two layers of fabric a little larger than the size of bag you wish to make

2.     Machine quilt through the layers

3.     Stitch the bottom/side seams (leaving the top open!)

4.     Turn/neaten the top

5.     Make some cloth handles and fix these firmly to the outside of the bag.

For soft hangings

1. Roll the hanging around a cardboard cylinder with the textile piece on the outside

2. Pack the above in a pillowcase or fabric bag and tie the open end if using a pillowcase

Whatever you are submitting, don’t forget to add a label with your name, plus title and photo of your work firmly attached on the outside.