Painting with Cloth

19th October 2019 Conference (SOLD OUT!)

Guest Speaker - Cas Holmes

Cas trained in fine arts and works between the disciplines of painting, drawing and textiles. Salvaged materials are torn, cut and re-assembled to create mixed media pieces, which draw their inspiration from ‘hidden’ or ‘overlooked’ observations of daily life. She likes to use the remnants of domestic life, rags and cloths, pieces of old clothing that are
handled and worn, evidencing ‘human contact’. She makes reference to the views from windows, the weeds and flora on the roadside verges and field edges, and the places where gardens meet the ‘greater landscape’. She describes her process as ‘stitch-sketching’ and ‘painting with cloth’, as she seeks to capture a moment or thing before it is gone. This talk will focus on this approach to creating works in cloth and references other artists in
connection to the landscape. This is also the focus for her fourth book with Batford, due out at the end of 2018 Landscape: Painting with Cloth.

Workshop - Using the Found, Extreme Stitching

Explore the character and qualities of paper and found material as a surface for working. A focus on hand stitching as an extension of mark making and various means of manipulating, attaching and joining surfaces. We use different threads to build up a range of distressed, torn, manipulated and collage surfaces to create new elements of interest in your work. Some of the methods are adapted from Japanese paper techniques such as Momigami, rub-crinkled paper techniques. The pieces resulting from this creative exploration could be used as a starting point for collage, stitching, 3D or sculptural work.

Participants are provided with a basic workshop list specific to the course, which is largely centred on the creative re-use of the materials you may have available. Old domestic (not valuable) fabrics or scraps that can be recycled as well as copies of paper items, maps, photos and items gathered on your day-to-day journeys are useful things to collect… and they should all fit in one bag. This can reflect your theme, a place special to you, be colour-inspired and/or poems or words that express the feeling of your ideas. A fragment of textile, a handkerchief, napkin or a piece of embroidery can be used as both a base and a starting point.

A buffet lunch and workshop

10am to 4pm

The Boxmoor Trust Centre, London Road, Hemel Hempstead, Herts. HP1 2RE

Members and Non-members Welcome

Workshop: for requirements list click  “Momigami, Stitch, cloth and paper

Any queries, please contact Carole Nicholls.