Ruth Herbert

About Ruth

I have always sewn and now I experiment with appliqué, machine embroidery and paint on fabric.

My subject matter is often drawn from landscape and natural forms while my sense of colour and composition comes from an eclectic background and exposure to the decorative and fine arts of different ages and cultures.

Recently I have been concentrating on making pictures. How do we describe the places and people we know? How do we preserve and express our experiences, our memories and feelings? How do we express our joys and sorrows through our life’s journey?

Silks of various thicknesses, types and textures, are often twisted or scrunched up, sometimes torn or deconstructed and often applied in layers with freehand machine embroidery creating a depth or a three dimensional appearance.

In some of the work the fabric is painted for texture and colour before embroidery and then paint may be added on top of the embroidery which can render the medium used ambiguous.

My wall-hangings often tell a story and have been commissioned for milestone birthdays, anniversaries, in commemoration of loved ones, or simply to celebrate a family history.

Appliqué clothing such as waistcoats and jackets have designs as diverse as people’s personalities and experiences with commissions including stage clothes for Greg Carmichael of Acoustic Alchemy & BBC clothes show in 1992.

 I have designed items as varied as church kneelers and CD covers and also worked with schools and community groups on a variety of textile art related projects.

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Chrani Rocks

Peloponnese Morning

Mum in the Garden

Herron detail

Third panel in a Triptych 'This Penelope'

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