Saima Kaur – Zoom meeting:15 January 2022

Guest Speaker - Saima Kaur

 You can read more about Saima and her work by following the link HERE

Saima’s talk to ERTF members was an introduction to phulkari embroidery*. She talked through an introduction and then gave context and historical and contemporary examples through a slide show. Following the slides, she  showed some examples of original embroideries and gave a quick demonstration of the stitches.

*Phulkari embroidery which literally translates into ‘flower work’ is a vibrant traditional embroidery made with coloured silken thread on the wrong side of coarse cotton to form dazzling motifs that spreads across the length of the cloth.

This was an excellent on-line workshop, greatly enjoyed by the attending members. The colours, motifs, history and cultural relevance were woven into an enjoyable, engaging and informative presentation by Saima.

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